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Are you coming or not?

If you cannot let yourself feel the music, you will never let yourself heal, or grow, or thrive.

You will never feel truly alive.

You will wither.

You will die.

Flowers must reach out and up for sun!

So you too, should leave no dream undone.

Come with me, and we will run,

Across the fields of grass.

Every day will come and pass.

That's how days are- they never last,

Every one goes sweeping past.

Before you know,

It's time to grow.

Time to row your boat

away from shore.

Time to wish

for something more,

Something bigger,

something grand!

Something you can't hold inside your hand.

Something you told me all this land

Was actually worth fighting for.

Something waiting- just beyond the door.

But can we find the key?

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