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Bare Vibrancy

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Can you dig it?

Here's you and me,

and all the other people we know.

Here's how we interact:

weaving around and through each other.

These are the paths we walk.

Am I coming back around?

You ask.

Sometimes we meet only once,

other times we cross paths

again and again.

But what if

when we crossed,

we got mixed up,

I turned onto your path, and you went to walk on mine?

Now, you're living my life,

and I'm living yours.

Or, what if-

A part of me merged with you-

a part that's no longer me at all.

It's now you.

It's true! For look-

You left some of yourself here, too-


I've got it right here with me.

Would you like it back?

The part of you you left here?

The part that's sort of you still,

but is also sort of me?

Or is that mine to keep?

Do you see yourself- in the picture?

And do you see me, too?

Do you see also

how the page ends,

and yet-

the lines go on.

So how can we presume to know-

What a world of infinite paper would really hold?

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