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Journey Woman

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Are you home now, here?

Or is this yet another temporary abode on you transient journeying?

Did you make it to your mother's house? Your father's?

Did you find the secret rhythms and melodies you were searching for?

And the girl- the one you missed before,

Did you find her, too?

Did you weave a spinning web to catch the sunshine in her eyes? Did you let yourself know her? Let yourself feel....surprise?

Wonder? Happiness, and shock?

Did you notice- how she keeps a lock

around her heart,

And how from the very start,

she left the key

on your living room floor,

And in the dust blowing through your front door?

Did you chance to see her flying away into the sunset at last?

Or happen to glimpse her shooting fast across the night's summer sky?


Photo public use, No copyrights intended.

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